Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ferrari 355 tirbute video


Sunday, June 24, 2007

2007 9ff Porsche Turbo TRC 91

What is it? It has 910 hp and 910 Nm, takes only 3.10 seconds from 0 to 100km/h and offers a top speed of 392km/h made possible by the modified double-clutch gearbox that goes with it. In the form of a convertible, with unbelievable 780hp resulting in 381km/h, it holds the absolute world record since October 2006. A supercar polished up Right, it must be a Porsche. But not just an ordinary one, no, it is the new Porsche 911 Turbo TRC 91 created by Nardo God 9ff. The artists from Dortmund turned the already extremely sporty bolide into one of the fastest and most powerful street-legal sports cars around the globe. The supercar‘s 3.6 litre biturbo ‚boxer‘ engine was modified in great detail. Not only two special turbochargers increase the performance, but also the sport air filter, larger injectors, modified cylinder heads and a stainless steel exhaust system with special manifolds as well as high-performance catalysts, and, finally, an extensive increase in engine displacement resulting in 4.0 litres. All modifications are perfectly harmonised by means of the reprogrammed engine control unit.

Thanks to the modified racing front grill, the engine is provided with more air while the brake cooling has been improved by - discrete - additional air intakes. A boot lid made of carbon allows a maximum weight reduction to 1,300 kg. Optimum performance is brought to perfection through revised aerodynamics en-hancing the powerful Porsche‘s driving stability while creating an atmosphere of even more dynamic elegance. The monstrous inner workings, however, do not re-veal themselves that easily to a layperson. The experts at 9ff confined themselves to a slightly lower front apron and elegant 20-inch wheels with a larger braking system. New and shapely front spoilers, side skirts and redesigned rear wings add to the aerodynamic kit while the elegant and aerodynamically enhanced exterior mirrors are the crowning glory of the whole. To sum it up, the 9ff Turbo TRC 91 was made for those among us who are real gentlemen - it is a decent horsepower werewolf.
From 9ff Press Release

2007 Ferrari Dino Concept Design by Ugur Sahin

(from Ugur Sahin) Presenting Ferrari Dino Concept Design Ferrari Dino Concept design is the modernized version of the successful Ferrari Dino produced by Ferrari.The goal was to create a car that feels stylish, modern, dynamic and organic while staying true to the original design language of the Ferrari Dino and Ferrari brand in general. The main characteristic of the Dino Concept design is the way it looks similar to the original Dino. With very round styling elements around the wheelbases and its cockpit, it looks retro and modern at the same time. With the right proportions combined, the car looks very dynamic and stylish. It stays true to its original with the design of the rear and the front being rounded and avoiding the hard edges as much as possible. Also the rear window opening is a striking feature originating from the original Ferrari Dino. The air intakes scoops however are very different compared to the original Dino, they look very organic and visually add a very organic feel to the car.


Thursday, June 21, 2007



Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes

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